WHY www.oldvan.com you ask...

August 13, 1999

John answers:

It seems everyone who visits oldvan.com wants to know WHY it exists.

"What is the driving force behind oldvan.com?"

Foremost, it created a permanent and easy to remember E-Mail address.  Oldvan.com is hard to misspell, and if you know what I drive then you can't forget the E-Mail address.  This is an immense improvement over our ISP based E-Mail at netsync.net, as those not using Netsync seldom spelled it correctly, too often resulting in E-Mail not reaching us.

We settled on the domain www.oldvan.com after checking a few dozen domain names only to discover that a name which is short, catchy, and easy to spell is incredibly likely to already be taken.

Now that www.oldvan.com has a name and a place, 
it offers virtually unlimited possibilities of expanding in any 
direction we find interesting, whether it is business,
fun, . . .  The sky is the limit!!



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