Lesson 8:  
Is my Printer Shot?

Inkjet printers are a wonderful improvement over their predecessors, Dot Matrix printers.  An inkjet is quiet, prints consistent black letters, and can even do a wonderful job of printing color photographs, when it chooses to work.  When it doesn't, it can make a big inky mess, skip lines of print, or not print at all.  Usually this results in a trip to an office supply store for an ink cartridge, but it sometimes causes the printer to become Shot.

The following is a picture of a misbehaving printer, reportedly not Shot (yet).

Once an inkjet printer misbehaves just so much, its pretty much shot.  

Using our usual rigorous testing procedures, we determined that the printer was definitely shot.  Here is a picture of the test results, for reference.

Additional testing was deemed to be unnecessary.


Quiz:  Is it Shot??

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