Lesson 4:  
Is my Mother Board Shot?

One of the most irritating problems with a computer is a Shot mother board.  It is nestled way down under the other boards and cables, and can be a real pain to replace.  Luckily, determining whether or not a mother board is shot is not a grueling task.

The following is a picture of a mother board that had symptoms that could indicate to a novice technician that it is shot:  Frequent IPF and GPF errors, the CPU ran uncomfortably HOT in spite of a working fan on a large heatsink, and operator frustration beyond measurable limits.

Another symptom commonly misinterpreted to indicate that a component is Shot is the expiration of the warranty shortly before the component begins to show signs of failing.  This does not indicate that the component is Shot, only that the manufacturer is shoddy.

Close examination did not show evidence that the board was shot, so further testing was required.  Although lead-based testing is potentially dangerous, we elected to use it, with all necessary safety precautions;  We find that although it is an old method of determining if something is shot, it is quick and reliable.

After 4 rounds of thorough testing, we determined that the mother board was definitely shot.  Here is a picture of the test results;  Studying it closely will allow one to more readily determine if other mother boards are shot.

Note the clear evidence off this board's shot-ness.  Correct testing leaves no doubt as to whether or not a component is shot.


Lesson 5:  Is my Keyboard Shot??

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