Lesson 5:  
Is my Keyboard Shot?

Of all the components in a computer system, one of the most frequently abused is the keyboard.  This often causes it to malfunction, and can sometimes cause it to be shot.

The following is a picture of a key board that had symptoms that could indicate to a technician that it is shot:  Some of the keys had the lettering worn off, a few of them no longer functioned, and the keyboard was full of dust and dirt.

Close examination did not show evidence that the keyboard was shot, so further testing was clearly required.  Once again we elected to use lead-based testing, with all necessary safety precautions;  Recall that although it is an old method of determining if something is shot, it is quick and reliable.

After 4 rounds of grueling testing, we determined that the keyboard was definitely shot.  Here is a picture of the test results;  note the subtle indications of the keyboard's shot-ness.

Additional testing was deemed to be unnecessary.


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