Lesson 3:  
Is my CD-ROM Drive Shot?

CD-Rom drives, because of their opto-mechanical nature, tend to be one of the more problematic components in a computer, and we are frequently asked, "Do you think my CD-ROM Drive is Shot?";  This is usually an easy one to assess.

Here is a picture of a CD-ROM drive that sometimes failed to read Data CDs, and would only play about half of a music CD before it began to skip.  Our client, who we shall call "Jon" for reference purposes only, wanted to know, "Is it Shot?"   Assuring him we would thoroughly test the drive to determine its shot-ness, we set to work.

It was revealed that the drive was indeed shot after brief tests with a 20 Ga. directional projectile tester and 2 samples of #8 CD-ROM Drive testing cartridges.  Here is a picture of the drive taken shortly after testing was concluded and most of the pieces were recovered:

I believe that the picture illustrates the obvious shot-ness of the drive and eliminates the need for any further explanation.


Lesson 4:  Is my Mother Board is Shot.

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