My Garage under attack from  LEDs.


Spring 2005:  Time for spring colors.

March 28, 2005

    A month ago one of the segments of the display quit.  NO PROBLEM, I had a healthy stockpile of the LEDs I used for the clock display.  As it turned out, a drop of water had gotten on the leads of a LED and corroded them away.  I replaced the LED and the segment came back to life.  COOL.  Well, ALMOST cool.  The replacement LED was MUCH brighter than the rest of them.  I'm guessing that 3 years of UV exposure was unhealthy for the LEDs.  I didn't have enough of the original red LEDs, so I ordered in 200 new LEDs.

    While I was ordering, I decided a change of pace would be nice, so I ordered in Green LEDs.  They arrived in today's mail, so I set in soldering.  Now the time is beautiful green.  :-)  The new LEDs are amazingly bright!

    It seems that every time I take pictures, it's foggy outside.  I was standing about 15 beet off-center when I took the picture, so the LEDs appear to be brighter on the right side.


April 5, 2006

The garage clock has been in operation for over four years now!  No problems to report.   :-)

The clock made its way to a Do It Yourself Blog, resulting in a peak of 1020 people visiting the Garage pages.

A friend's laptop computer died, leaving behind a perfectly good 19V switch-mode power supply capable of 4 amps of output.  A perfect replacement for the clock's linear supply.  A tiny bit of soldering, a terminal strip, and a few minutes later the Garage Clock has a modern power supply.  I'll likely save a few pennies a year on the electric bill for the effort.









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