Funny Anecdotes:


    Our neighbor is a Teacher's Assistant at the local school.  Shortly before Christmas 2001 her class was discussing Christmas Decorations.  A boy in the class was proud to tell the class that he'd seen a place where the garage said "Merry Christmas" on the side of the garage in bright lights, only it must be in Russian or some foreign language, because it was spelled funny. 

    Further conversation revealed that the garage in question was my garage!  The boy was displeased to learn that "Miktuk" was my surname, NOT "Merry Christmas" in Russian.

    A few months later the same student was thrilled to explain to our neighbor how the garage that didn't say "Merry Christmas" on it now had the TIME displayed on it, and he figured it must be a WHOLE lot of work.  She explained to the Boy that I'd spent an hour or two drilling holes in the metal, a bit longer filling them with lights, and quite a while hooking it all up.

    The indignant youth exclaimed "No, not THAT part, having to go out and change it all the time!"



    Nearby Ashville, NY has "Ashville Days", a local celebration including bed races, live music, a chicken barbecue, and bunches of yard sales.  While wandering the yard sales I heard a voice shout "Hey Miktuk!"  It was an old friend I hadn't seen since high school.

    "That's pretty cool, having your name all lit up on your garage like that!" he complimented.  I smiled and inquired when he had last seen my garage.  "Saturday Night on my way home from the races", he answered.  I figured he'd next comment on the time as well.  LONG silence.  Wondering why he'd not mentioned it, I prompted, "Did you notice anything under my name?"

    He shocked me and made me chuckle when he answered, "Yea, but I don't need any of that religious stuff pushed on me!"

    I left him red-faced when I told him that the number changed exactly once a minute and seemed to REALLY match the time of day AND that if his Bible had a book named "Miktuk" in it, I'd be extra anxious to see that particular section.












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